designed in montreal - made by artisans in europe - pop up mural festival June 9 to11 & 16 to 18

Our Story

Our Story

We are a family run sneakers company based in Montreal, Canada.

Our aim is to create the ultimate trendy sneakers and boots using only premium leather, suede & materials in small family owned factories where we ensure the best practices and the passion of our artisans clearly visible and handstitched on each and every pair.

Our shoes are Versatile & Comfortable and have a Timeless character that are built to last.

Out of passion, enthusiasm, tradition and decades of expertise in the footwear and apparel manufacturing industry comes Alter Sole.
A Montreal based brand that provides top quality fashion forward European tailored footwear.

We at Alter Sole combine our knowhow and expertise to provide you with comfortable, functional and handcrafted premium shoes. We pride ourselves in using only the finest of leather and materials for the manufacturing of our footwear. 

Alter Sole is for everyday social and work environments whether indoors, outdoors, casual or formal.
The versatile style of our designs and rubber orthopedic soles give our footwear a timeless character for an active lifestyle.

Each pair of Alter Sole shoes is hand-stitched by our master artisans and meticulously inspected to ensure the best quality at a reasonable price.

Alter Sole embraces the vision of the Trendsetter, the curiosity of the Explorer, the resilience of the Marathoner, the wisdom of the Wanderer, the grind of the Achiever and the soul of the Dreamer.