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Fall Style in Action: How to style the Wanderers and Explorers from Alter Sole

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By McGuire Style

Fall has always been my favourite season to dress for. It’s your chance to layer up and get creative with patterns and fabrics. Not everyone likes dressing for fall weather: There are many men out there that struggle with fall style. In this special blog, I’m going to show you how to make it easy.  

Every great outfit starts at the foundation. So what exactly does this mean? A good fall outfit starts with a good pair of boots. 

My 2 favourite boot options this fall are from Alter Sole, a Montreal based shoe company. The Wanderers and Explorers are two great options for fall dressing. They are practical, durable and stylish. Two perfect options for on the go and can be taken from a casual day at the office, to your favourite hiking trail. 


Meet The Wanderers

A modern take on a classic suede Chelsea Boot. This may just be one of the most versatile boots on the market.

How to wear it:

Casual Rugged

For a rugged look, try pairing this boot with a distressed pair of jeans. Layer a textured wool sweater over your favourite solid tee. Top with your favourite scarf and accessories. Try adding a pattered Sport Coat or Solid Blazer on top to complete the outfit.

Office Casual

This boot is perfect for those office casual days. They look great with a fitted pair of chinos. Give your pants some depth by cuffing the bottoms. Wear with a patterned dress shirt and blazer. A middle layer is key for pulling off the ultimate fall look. Try adding a lightweight knit or cardigan. 

Meet The Explorers

A truly unique boot that plays off retro sneaker vibes. This is a more casual option that is a great alternative to wearing a traditional pair of boots. 

How to wear it:

Clean Casual

This one pairs well with dark denim. Less is more when it comes to this one. Jeans, a solid tee and a hoodie give clean casual vibes. Or, take your favourite pair of joggers to the next level. A perfect option for active dates. With this boot you can be sure that you’ll be ready for anything. 

Dapper Casual

For a polished casual look, pair these with a contrasting chino. Dress it up with a button-down and navy blazer. Or, skip the blazer and throw on your favourite bulky sweater. If you are not into sweaters, try pairing them with a white v-neck tee and a canvas field jacket. Optional: Accessorize with a classic wide brim fedora!



So now you have 2 new boot options to upgrade your fall style. With style tips from McGuire Style and quality footwear from Alter Sole, you’ll be ready for fall in no time. 


-Stay Stylish

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